Dream in vivid color.


The Guardians series rotates around a group of artists of different types, from writers to singers, sculptors and painters. It is a menage m/m/m series based on the concept of creation and its power. There will be at least three books in the series. For the moment, this series is on hold. 

Series structure:

1. The Plot Bunny

2. Schadenfreude

3. TBD 

The Plot Bunny

 Previously published by Silver Publishing (26.03.2011)

Word count: 46.872 words


 Lucas Black, a famous author, finds himself struggling with writer's block. As he falls further and further into his obsession, his lover Simon breaks up with him. Depressed, Luc prays for a muse and is surprised when his prayers are actually answered in the person of a young man named Dury, who claims to be Luc's plot bunny. Dury is everything Luc shouldn't like, eccentric, mysterious, and far too beautiful. But in spite of his doubts, Luc cannot help but feel an increasing affection for Dury.

After his painful separation from Luc, Simon Roth is unable to continue sculpting. Seeing his ex on the street with someone else only serves to reopen old wounds. To his shock, that someone -- a mysterious man named Dury -- begins to stalk him, pushing Simon to contact Luc once again. Simon realizes with dismay that Dury's gentle coaxing reaches out to a deep part of him, one he'd thought reserved for his lost love, Luc.

Even as the two artists acknowledge their feelings for each other, they understand they have both fallen for Dury as well. Dury, however, hasn't told them everything. His secrets may well be the death of them all.


To be republished in the future.