Dream in vivid color.


My only sci-fi series so far, Love and Lies is set in a distant future and mostly revolves around the lives of Kephri, last of the extinct Nathifan race, and his father, Ashai. I am unsure if I will write another sequel for this in the future.

Current structure:

1. Truth and Deception

2. Reborn 

Truth and Deception




Published by: Siren Bookstrand

Buy link: Truth and Deception

Word count: 38.901 words

Date of release: 4.02.2010 


 Minkah is the captain of the infamous pirate spaceship, The Heru. After an attack on an enemy ship, he discovers a cryogenic container and in it, a sweet young boy, Kephri, the last member of the extinct race of the Nathifans.Despite being aware of the terrible legends painting this race in horrific colors, Minkah grows attached to the boy and goes against the wishes of his crew, friends and family, to protect Kephri.

Years after, Minkah is tormented by a new kind of love towards his charge, a romantic love he believes is tainted and immoral. However, unbeknownst to Minkah, Kephri is not as young and innocent as he seems.Will Kephri's lies end up separating them or will they finally find the truth amongst all the deception?







Published by Siren Bookstrand

Buy link: Reborn

Word count: 47.594 words

Date of release: 19.08.2010 

Four hundred years ago, Ashai was robbed of his life and his family. His Nathifan powers allowed his mind to survive and after many centuries, he finally finds his youngest son, Kephri. He decides to dedicate his existence to protecting his son, but everything changes when he meets his soul mate, Eryon.

Eryon is a healer on the pirate ship, The Heru. Following a horrible betrayal, he’s kept his true desires at bay, not allowing himself to trust and love again. When a mysterious A.I. befriends him, he doesn’t know what to believe. When the truth comes out, both Eryon and Ashai decide to brave the abyss that separates them. But shadows of the past threaten their fledging love, and in their quest, Eryon and Ashai will have to face their worst nightmares. Will they succeed, or will the obstacles in their way defeat them?