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As you all know, I'm very fond of Russian fairytales, so fond that I actually found inspiration for a couple of my books in them. These books are not an actual series, but I'm putting them together because of the similar theme.

1. The Three Horsemen of the Black Forest

2. Fire of the Four Seasons 

The Three Horsemen of the Black Forest




Published by: Siren Bookstrand

Buy link: The Three Horsemen of the Black Forest 

Word count: 18459 words

Date of release: 20.11.2009 

Read full reviews at Romance Reviews Today and  Whipped Cream.


Vassili's ailing mother gave him a toy soldier meant to help him during difficult times, and Vassili needs all the help he can get. When his father remarries, Vassili's new stepmother and brothers do their best to make his life miserable.

Determined to be rid of Vassili, his cruel step brothers send him into Baba Yaga's Black Forest. But with the help of his mother's gift, Vassili avoids death at the hands of an evil witch, and instead discovers love in the arms of three mysterious horsemen, Deni, Sonta and Noci. 


Angela Camp (Romance Reviews Today) says:

"Filled with life-like characters the reader will root for, THE THREE HORSEMEN OF THE BLACK FOREST by Scarlet Hyacinth is an engaging read. Although it is short at only 67 pages, it packs a lot of emotions in its few pages. The sex scenes are short, but well-written and the reader may need a cold shower afterward. This is a male on male romance, but tastefully written. For a story that will captivate you from beginning to end, be sure to check out THE THREE HORSEMEN OF THE BLACK FOREST." 

 Xeranthemum  (Whipped Cream) says:

4 cherries: "The Three Horsemen of the Black Forest is sure to appeal to those readers who enjoy unique twists on well known fairy tales flavored with a bit of sauce, spice and hunky male loving. And for those who always felt that Cinderella’s step-siblings should have been made to toe the line at some point, readers will be in for a treat in this book."  




Fire of the Four Seasons



Published by Siren Bookstrand

Buy link: Fire of the Four Seasons

Word count: 25.010 words

Date of release: 19.05.20F11

 A slave of his sister Eva’s whims, Alexei is shocked when, in the process of getting her a gift, he meets four men who sweep him of his feet. Zimah, Visnah, Lyetah and Ohsyn are unlike anyone Alexei has ever met. They control the power of the seasons, and they agree to help Alexei. Their affection and generosity soon morph into passion and love, and Alexei allows himself to surrender to desires he had kept hidden for many years.

But when Eva’s unreasonable requests continue, Alexei refuses to take advantage of his men’s magic once again. His decision sets him, his sister and his lovers on a course of events that leads secrets of the past to be revealed. The hidden fire inside Alexei is about to burst out, and the love of the four seasons may not be able to extinguish it.