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Coming soon: Mate or Meal 15!

Posted by Scarlet Hyacinth on June 25, 2014 at 10:55 AM

I'm happy to announce that Mate or Meal 15. The Pixie Who Played with a Sidhe King is coming soon from Siren Publishing!

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Reply EM
2:40 PM on June 25, 2014 
I can't wait! I am so stoked. Mate or Meal is one of my favorite series ever.
Reply Chantell Simmons
2:02 PM on June 29, 2014 
EM says...
I can't wait! I am so stoked. Mate or Meal is one of my favorite series ever.

I love Mate and Meal but I thought Shea was Sterling Mate
Reply em
5:58 AM on June 30, 2014 
That's what Sterling said in book 14 (and many other times since and including book 8). I asked Ms. Hyacinth about it. I guess we will just have to wait and see what her wonderfully devious mind has come up with. Technically, there is nothing so far that definitively says "his mate" is a pixie (the title says "plays with") nor that it's not a threesome situation. Unfortunately, the Oracle also said that was his current path, maybe something changed :(
Either way, I know I will love the book. She's broken my heart before, but she'd never disappointed me. :)
Reply AG
8:00 PM on July 1, 2014 
In the book when the warlock had to go to the Pixie's for help to heal his mind at the end the Pixie that helped them is in King Sterling's bedroom, they were playing chess remember? That is most likely the Pixie in the title. They mentioned something about being a triad mating with Shea, I think. Although it could be something totally different lol.
Reply EM
8:09 AM on July 2, 2014 
I don't remember the mention of a triad, but there was a definite sexual tension between Kieve and Sterling. But Sterling muses in his own head (pg 110) "... he still had a long wait ahead of him until his destined mate was ready for him. After all, Shea was only a baby now. " And at no point does either of Kieve or Sterling mention a mate bond between them.
Lots of clues.... but I guess still no answers until the book is out. Can't wait :)
Reply Aishwarya
1:44 AM on August 3, 2014 
Oh no....I have been looking forward to Sterling/Shea for a long time......my heart will break if Sterling is paired up with some one other than Shea :(
Reply em
12:41 PM on August 18, 2014 
To Ms. Hyacinth,
I got Mate or Meal 15 first thing this morning and read it. Then I went back and read over parts of the last several books. And I must say you are one sharp tack. After reading about Sterling and Kieve, I can see where I made all the wrong assumptions in my previous comments. And I must say you can weave a plot like no one else. Going back I can see the clues, I just missed then (seeing what I wanted) the first few times around.
You rock! Thank you.
I was right though.... you broke my heart several times in this book but I was not disappointed. I love your work.
Reply Carrie
1:19 PM on August 27, 2014 
Just finished reading it and loved it just like the rest of them. Except I felt so bad for Elden in the end it made me want to cry. I hope he gets his mate back soon.
Reply Sadie
4:01 AM on May 12, 2015 
Love the Meal or Mate series! This book was awesome. will there be a number 16? I would love to read about Elden :)
Reply Susan
1:30 AM on September 24, 2015 
I loved reading your mate or meal series. I was wondering when #16 - Elden's story would be coming out? It just doesn't seem right that his story doesn't get told, like the series isn't complete without it.
Reply Lisa
1:54 PM on April 5, 2016 
Any news on when Elden's story might come out?
Reply Becky
1:05 AM on May 12, 2016 
Are you still writing? Are you okay? Haven't seen any updates since 2014. Kinda worried.