Dream in vivid color.


My current list of projects currently focuses on several of my ongoing series - Mate or Meal and The Taste of Love, as well as some of the new ones, Chronicles of the Shifter Directive and A Tail Like No Other. 

I am also working on the sequel to Plot Bunny, Schadenfreude, as well on the spin off series for Spirit Wolves, Feral.

 I have a few other projects, one of which is a spin off for Artie the Good Witch, and the ongoing series, The S.E.X. Factor. I have many other ideas and surprises coming. You can subscribe to the website for the most direct updates.


Chronicles of the Shifter Directive 

Main arc completed, more coming soon


A Tail Like no Other 

Ongoing series, titles TBD 


Kaldor Universe 

Unseen Paths 2: Plague  (in planning stage - hiatus)



Guardians 2: Schadenfreude (WIP)


Mate or Meal

Ongoing series, titles TBD 


Other works:

In the Heart of a Leviathan (hiatus) - in collaboration with Frolic Horror, possible rewrite in the future

In Sodora, the Floating City, innocent Eri, Viridian prince and adept of the goddesses of peace and justice, is looking for his brother, but finds instead the dark Theli, leader of the City of Sin. Can they defy fate and be together?

Hunger (WIP)

Taylor is a young werewolf whose life forced him into isolation. He trusts no one and cares for no one, with the exception of a young American Indian, named Josh. When Josh is accused of murder, it is up to Taylor to prove his friend's innocence. He isn't counting in falling for the officer investigating Josh's case.

For a Gryphon's Heart (WIP)

Ren is a mage who seeks to avenge his father's death at all cost. But the dark wizard responsible is too powerful. So when Ren finds out the key to defeating his father's killer is a gryphon's heart, he  decides to hunt for the majestic creature. He does not expect to find love in his quest.